Toonie Toss

Hi everyone.  Happy Halloween!  This Friday night we will be having a Toonie Toss after the first game which you are all welcome to participate in.  A toonie Toss will be held on the first Friday of every month.  Please read the attachment for further details.  So bring a toonie on Friday, you might make yourself some coin!  Have a great week.


Her Majesty, Queen Anne.

Hockey Pool is Back!!!

The hockey pool is back just in time for your Thanksgiving dinners!  Our annual fundraiser is quick and easy and the top seller from the league will win $50.  We are hoping that each member of the league can sell at least 5 pools (but there is no limit to sales) and don’t forget to buy one for yourself!

So how does it work?  Each pool entry costs $10 and people can enter as many times as they like.  All the entrant needs to do is fill in the form (attached) and pick one player from each of the 21 different groups of players.  The prizes are $100 for 1st place, $50 for 2nd place and $25 for 3rd place.  A special $10 prize goes to the person that comes in last place.  Entrants will be able to check their pool stats online, they are updated once per day.  Site login information will be provided via email following the entry deadline.

Entry forms are due by Friday October 29th and should be given to Mary Blair at ringette.  Please bring all money raised to ringette by Friday, October 29th.  We will accept cheques made payable to Markham Womens Ringette Association or cash.

The form is in PDF format so if you email them to people they can fill them in electronically and you can just pick them up.  Just be sure to collect the money!  Of course, the other option is the old-fashioned way of printing them out, filling them in, and bringing them to ringette.  Either way is great so print off some forms and take them to work – you’ll be amazed at how quickly they will sell!  It’s a great conversation piece at work and some people get very competitive about their stats.

Oh yeah, the calendar at has been updated with our ice times.  Reminder: there is no ice this week!!!!  We will see you on Friday, October 15th.

Hockey Pool Form

Her Majesty, Queen Anne.