Cougar’s in Tournament

Good luck to the Cougars this Saturday as they particpate in the Elora Ringette Tournament!  This is their first tournament of the year.  Keep watching the website for updates to see  how they are doing!  Go Cougars Go!!!

Update:  The Cougars finished 2nd.  They lost in the final 5-2, but I can’t remember who they lost to!

Some important information…

Hi ladies.  I hope everyone is having a great week!  Friday is almost here so I have a few reminders for everyone.
1.  We have ice this Friday night!  We would like to make sure we are using ALL of our ice time (since it’s so expensive) so please make sure you are dressed and ready to go for 9:05 p.m.  This might mean leaving your house a little earlier so you can be at the rink around 8:30 (leaving a warm house can be difficult but it’s worth it when you get on the ice).
2.  In case some of you were worried about getting to know more league members, we will be doing team restructuring in January.  That way you can get to know everyone!  For those of you who have been in the league forever, make sure you introduce yourselves and make a good impression on newer members! 
3.  If one team is missing players on a Friday night (for example, I know the red team has been missing my defensive talents), it is up to the team representatives (and only the team representatives!) to decide if players might need to be moved around for the evening.  Being a team rep. is a role that people volunteered for so don’t give them a hard time.  Remember, we’re all doing our best.   
4.  To be covered for insurance, you must be wearing proper equipment (including goalie masks and face masks).  Hockey masks are illegal (you know who you are!) so please change over to your ringette cages.  Thanks! 
5.  We will be doing a cookie exchange on December 17th.  Andrea will be sending around a sign-up sheet if you are interested.  It’s fun and tasty!  Think it over and let Andrea know if you want to do some Christmas baking.
Well, that’s it for now.  I should be out Friday night (finally!) so the white team needs to watch out!  Can’t wait to see everyone.     

Her Majesty, Queen Anne.