Hockey Pool Results!

Every year, MWRA sells hockey pools as a fundraiser, and every year, the competition is fierce! This year was no different, and as the regular season has come to a close, we have the results!


1st place:  Mike Jorgenson

2nd place: Joanne Munce

3rd place: Jack Lemieux and Colin Wacket (this is the first time we’ve ever had a tie!)




The coveted last place….


Sharilyn Dyck!!


Catherine Sohl was our best seller this year.  Anyone think they can beat her next year?



Early Bird Registration Discount

The first year I played for MWRA, I registered really late. I had only just figured out that there was somewhere for me to play, and so after a couple of emails back and forth, I sent off my cheque and registration form.


Not all that much, but still a pretty big commitment. How happy was I when the next year I realized that it was only $300 if I registered early?

Obviously, I registered early.

If you are planning on playing with us next year (and you should, we are tonnes of fun), then you should send us an email and register before June 1st!