President – Powers and Duties


The President is an Officer and a member of the Executive Committee which is a part of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall have control of the affairs of the MWRA and shall have power to amend the regulations of the MWRA.  The Executive Committee has voting rights at all meetings, except where specified otherwise.


  1. Shall preside at all Board of Directors and Executive Committee meetings.
  2. Shall exercise the power and authority of the MWRA Board of Directors in cases of emergency but subject to ratification by the entire Board at the next meeting.
  3. Shall be the official spokesman for the MWRA and the official liaison to the Ontario Ringette Association, ensuring that all correspondence from Ontario Ringette Association is brought before the MWRA Board of Directors.
  4. Shall be charged with the general management and supervision of the affairs and operations of the MWRA. 
  5. Shall register all players with Ontario Ringette Association and by extension, Ringette Canada.
  6. Shall be an Ex-officio member of all standing and ad hoc committees.
  7. Shall co-sign cheques signed by the Treasurer.
  8. Shall not vote except in the case of a tie where she shall cast the deciding vote.
  9. Shall ensure that all Officers and Directors perform their duties.
  10. Shall have custody of all documents and records, except financial, pertaining to the affairs of the MWRA.