Equipment Manager – Powers and Duties


The Equipment Manager is an Officer and a member of the Executive Committee which is a part of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall have control of the affairs of the MWRA and shall have power to amend the regulations of the MWRA. The Executive Committee has voting rights at all meetings, except where specified otherwise.


  1. Shall be responsible for all equipment of the MWRA.
  2. Shall purchase equipment as approved in the budget.
  3. Shall be responsible for the equipment education of all coaches and players within MWRA.
  4. Shall perform other duties as assigned.

Additional Information

This is a completely new position for next year.  The Executive is really excited about this addition and we want to be sure people understand what is involved.  For the next few months the Executive will be drafting a proposal for a Trillium grant.  If we are fortunate enough to secure the grant we plan to purchase equipment for the league for people who want to come out and try before buying their own equipment.  We would like to add new goalie equipment as well.  The Equipment Manager would help us with the proposal by costing out pieces required.  The more detailed and specific we make the proposal the better our chances of securing the grant.