Covid-19 – Health and Safety

If any league members experience any symptoms such as coughing, sore throat, fever, shortness of breath, they must not attend activities for 14 days. Please see below for our list of safety measures:

•All participants entering the facility, will need to complete a health attestation declaration

•All members must adhere to all health agency & safety regulations 

•All members must adhere to facility health and safety regulations 

•All players should arrive and leave as per facility regulations 

•Wash hands/hand sanitizer frequently and follow facility regulations

 •No spitting

 •No sharing of water bottles. All participants MUST have individual water bottles filled at home•No sharing of any ringette gear 

•No touching or post game hand shake. 

•Equipment manager will keep rings, equipment and other objects required for play. Items will be clean and sanitized frequently.

 •All participants should carry wipes, hand sanitizer OR pump soap in their equipment bags  

•Participants should avoid handling equipment with their bare hands.